75 Beautiful Quotes and Messages of Happy Birthday Wishes for Mom

Mother’s love is peace. Mother’s love is another face of God’s love. Mother’s love is forever. Mother’s love is beyond imagination. Mother’s love does not want anything in return!

It is the only mother, who takes care of her child even before his birth. She does not eat those things and doesn’t do that work, which is not good for her born to be. It is only her, who cooks for her kids even when she is sick. It is only her, who provides a shelter in summer, winner, rain, or snow. She is a Goddess!

So, why not you show her respect and love through different quotes and messages. And you know, her birthday is one of the best occasions for telling your feelings to her.

In this article, I have provided 75 Beautiful Quotes and Messages of Happy Birthday Wishes for Mom. If you are with her or a distance, these messages will surely make her day.

Happy Birthday Mom Quotes and Messages
Happy Birthday Mom Quotes and Messages

  1. Mom, your love and care have no limits. Your beauty and decency are everlasting. I wish you a very happy birthday!
  1. M—marvelous person
    T—terrific mother H—healer
    R—real love
  1. That’s all that you meant to me, mommy. Happy Birthday to you!
  2. Mother’s love is peace. I am lucky to have you as my mommy. Happy Birthday, Love you!
  3. Happy Birthday to the person who has no limits for love, care, and appreciation. Happy birthday to my sweetest mommy. Love you!
  4. On this beautiful occasion, I pray to God to shower all his blessings upon my lovely mom. Happy Birthday, my dear!
  5. Mother is the most beautiful gift of God. Happy birthday, my dear mom. You are the binding force of our home. Love you!
  6. Happy birthday to the best mother in the world. Mommy, you are not only a treasure as a wife but a gem as a mother. Love you!
  7. My favorite place in the world is my mommy’s lap. It is the place where I forget all the problems and hardships. Happy birthday, mommy! May you live long and I will always lay on your lap. Love you!
  8. When we did well, lots of people are surrounding us. But, it is only mom and dad, who never leave us on the worst days. Love you, mommy! Happy Birthday!
  9. Happy Birthday Mom from Daughter Quotes
  10. My dear mommy, you are my role model. You are my hero. You are my ideal. With loads of love, I want to wish you a very very very happy birthday. Stay blessed!
  11. My life began with your love. Luckiest to have you as my mother. Happy Birthday, Love you!
  12. When I was younger, I thought I am Cinderella and you are a cruel stepmother. But, now I laugh at my foolishness because; I have realized that all your limitations upon me were just to make me a really beautiful girl. Happy Birthday, mommy! You are a mindblowing and stunning mother.
  13. Dear mom! I want to be with you even I have got married. I don’t live you with you anymore, but I miss you all the day. I miss the days we cook together. I miss your daily appreciations. I miss everything about you. Happy Birthday, mommy! Just can’t wait to hug you!
  14. Being a girl, you are the first inspiration of my life. Being a daughter, you are the first person showering love upon me. Happy birthday, my dearest mom. Stay Blessed!
  15. You clean. You wash. You cook. You take care of Dad. You take care of us. You solve our problems. You teach us. You guide us. Happy birthday, my multi-talent mommy!
  16. Today, let me admit one thing. If you weren’t my mother; I won’t be the same person as I am now. Love you a lot, mommy. Happy Birthday!
  17. You are my teacher. You are my guide. You are my mentor, you are my supporter, and you are my true love who loves me unconditionally. I am so proud to have you in my life, mommy. Happy Birthday!
  18. The pain you tolerated since the time of conceiving me till the labor pains. The struggle you made to bring me up. The time you had spent in feeding me. I can just not return the love you have given to me. Happy Birthday, my mom. I love you a lot!
  19. On your birthday, I wish I would be the same mom for my kids as you are for me. Love you. Enjoy the day!
  20. Being a daughter of a mom like you is a true blessing of my God. I wish you a very happy birthday. May you live a healthy and long life! Aameen. Love!
  21. With you by side, I am sure I can achieve all the success in my life. Happy birthday, my darling mom! You are the best relationship I’ve ever had.
  22. I wish your birthday to be as meaning as you are to me. Happy birthday, mom!
  23. Happy birthday to the biggest supporter of my life. Happy birthday to my best partner. Happy birthday to my best friend. I love you the most in the world.
  24. I might have face matching daddy, but I’ve inherited the warmness, loving, loyal, and warm nature from you. You are my guider and I love you for everything. Happy Birthday, mom!
  25. People say a daughter is a copy of her mother. If a mother is good, she will bring up a good daughter. I am thankful to my God that you are my mom. Happy birthday. Love you from the bottom of my heart!
  26. Your daring nature has taught me to be strong. You are the real source of inspiration for me. Happy Birthday, mom! From your biggest fan.

Happy Birthday Mom from Son Quotes
Happy Birthday Mom from Son Quotes

  1. I have never seen God. Buy, I’m sure he loves me and cares a lot about me. Do you know how? That’s because He made you my mom. Happy Birthday, Love you!
  2. On this birthday of yours, I pray to God for never making me the reason for your tears. Happy Birthday, mommy! Stay blesses and happy forever!
  3. Happy Birthday, mom! Thanks for showing me the right path of living an honorable life.
  4. I know I am thousands of miles away from you. I know there is no guarantee of my life, but still, I just wanna tell you that I love you forever. Happy birthday, my brave mom.
  5. No one’s hug is as warmer as my mother’s hug is. Happy birthday, mom. I need your prayers in every minute of my life.
  6. Dear mom! On your birthday, Just do one thing. Open your arms, because; I am on the door and want a tightest hug from you!
  7. You filled my days with happiness and joys. Every time I look at you; my belief gets stronger that nobody can hurt you until you are with me. Happy Birthday, mama. Please never leave me alone. Love you!
  8. Do you what’s brighter than Sun and deeper than the sea? It’s only your love, mommy. Happy Birthday. May God bless you with every happiness of the life. Love you!
  9. Dear Mom! I am an hour away from the home and coming to enjoy a delicious cake made by your beautiful hands. Happy birthday and be ready for a party!
  10. Till today, no girl has succeeded in taking my heart way because; you already have my heart. Happy birthday, mommy! From a Son, who is madly in love with you!
  11. No one’s love is as true as yours. Nobody’d appreciation is as pure as yours. You are the light of my entire life. Happy Birthday, mommy. Let’s have a blast today!
  12. Happy birthday to the first and forever love of my life. You or not only the best mother, but also my mentor and guider. Love you!
  13. I wish you a very happy birthday, my mommy. I know, I am far away from the studies, but believe me, I miss you each second. Love you!
  14. Whenever I lost my path, whenever I feel the darkness, whenever I lose my hope; I know the only thing to do is to get a hug from you and talk to you. You are the most important person in my life. Happy Birthday, my mom. I love you!
  15. You haven’t built the buildings, nor have you constructed the roads. You haven’t flown an airplane, nor you have carried concrete and mud on your back. But still, you are above everyone because; you have the labor pains for having a child. Today, I want to thank you for every single second you have spent in bringing me up, showering your love upon me, and taking care of me. Happy Birthday, mom! You are the best! Love you.
  16. My dear mommy! Whoever I am and whatever I have achieved is all because of your faith in me. I wish you a very happy birthday. And I wish that may you remain always with me.
  17. As a man, I might not be expressive. But as a son, I want to tell you that you are my everlasting love. Happy Birthday, my dearest mommy!
  18. In our lives, getting parents is not our choice. That’s God who chooses a mother and a father for us. I am lucky to have the best parents in the world and you are undoubtedly the best mom. Happy Birthday. Stay blessed.
  19. The purest thing I’ve got in the world is your love. The best person I’ve ever seen in my life is you. Happy Birthday, mommy!
  20. People say I am a prestigious guy because; I know how to respect the women. Because I know how to handle them with care and not playing with their emotions. And do you know, that’s all because of you, mom! You taught me every single thing that I wouldn’t have learned at the school. I am a good guy and you are behind that. Happy Birthday, Mommy! May you always stay happy!
  21. A mom’s boy is far better than being a playboy. A mom’s boy knows the respect of women because; his mom has taught him so well. And I am proud to be my mama’s boy. Happy birthday, mommy! You are the reason for my success and happiness. Love you!
  22. If mother’s love is sweet as a flower, my mother is herself a bunch of sweet roses. Love you, mommy. Happy birthday!
  23. Every time I did a right thing, I feel thankful to you because; you have passed your ethics and values in me. Happy Birthday, mom. Love You!
  24. You may look small, thin, and fragile, but I know you are the strongest woman in the world. You have given us the courage to fight the obstacles. You have given us the appreciation of standing for the right. Happy Birthday, mommy!
  25. Even though I am 29 now, but I feel no embarrassment in admitting that I want my mom’s love, care, and hugs till the last minute of my life. Love you, mom! May your birthday be filled with joys and happiness.

Happy Birthday Mom in Heaven Quotes
Happy Birthday Mom in Heaven Quotes

  1. People believe men don’t cry. They say tears are not for men. But how come it is possible to not cry on the birthday of someone most special? Although God has taken you up in the sky, still, you are with me and you will always be. Love you, mommy. Happy Birthday!
  2. I’ve never fallen down until you were with me. I’ve never failed until your appreciations surrounded me. And now, I feel all lost without you. Please just come once again and hug me tightly, mommy! Happy birthday, Missing you!
  3. You left me the day I came into the world. You are not with me physically, but I can feel your love everywhere. You are my first love and I wish I could wish you a very happy birthday by hugging you!
  4. It is your first birthday when you are no more with us. No surprise gifts, no cake, and no happiness without you. We all miss you badly, mom.
  5. Spending the day of your birthday without you is the worst nightmare of my life. You were the light and hope of our home. Happy birthday, mommy. Love you!
  6. On your birthday, I wish I could bring you back for one day from the sky..hug you, lay on your lap, and feel the peace, which was just because of you. Happy Birthday, mommy!
  7. A home is not a home without a mom. And that’s what I feel every second. You were the hope and the most cheerful spirit of the family. Happy Birthday, mommy! May you get the highest place in the heaven. Amen

Funny Birthday Wishes for Mom
Funny Birthday Wishes for Mom

  1. Happy birthday to the most annoying, still loveable person in the world. Love you, mommy!
  2. Happy Birthday, mommy! From your nerd (due to your inheritance) child. Love you!
  3. OMG! Mommy, you are a senior adult now. Anyways, happy birthday, my lady!
  4. On this birthday of yours, I pray to God that May I also get a fairy hearted girl who is as beautiful as my mom is. Love you, gorgeous lady! Enjoy the day.
  5. Happy birthday, mum! And congratulations, you are a senior citizen now!
  6. Dear mommy! On this birthday, I would like to present an age miracle to you. 😛
  7. Dear mommy! I know you are growing older, but still, you are younger than daddy. Let’s celebrate it!
  8. Happy birthday to the lady, who works for us regardless of time and date. Keep smiling, mommy!
  9. You are a lucky mother because; your birthday is the only one, which I (your son) remember without a Facebook reminder.
  10. Dear Mom! Don’t fear to get older each year. I will always be there with you and will buy you aging creams and even I will go with you for a Botox. Don’t worry, we will always be together and enjoy your birthday today! Happy birthday, my lady!
  11. On your birthday, I wish I could treat you like a queen. So, I will cook today, clean the home, and will do the laundry. So, no worries for today and have a blast!

The Most Popular Happy Birthday Mom Quotes
The Most Popular Happy Birthday Mom Quotes

  1. I opened my eyes to the world and saw your face. I took my first step and saw your hand to hold me. You were and you are everywhere with me. Happy Birthday, my loving mother.
  2. Only mother’s love remains the same even if you are far away from the sight. Happy Birthday, mom. Thanks for everything you did for me.
  3. Mom’s love is precious among all. I don’t why people don’t have time for their mothers. I don’t understand how come one can send his mother to an old house and forgets every second of her love and care. Dear Mom, on this birthday of yours’, I promise that I will never leave you because you are God’s face on the Earth. Happy Birthday, love you!
  4. Today, I pray that May your special day be filled with joys, pleasures, and surprises. May you always remain happy! Amen

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