150+ Lovely Thank You Birthday Messages for the Gift

Are you feeling extremely thankful to your family and friends for the birthday gifts and wishes? But aren’t you finding something to say a warm thank you to them? Then, you are at the right place and there is no need to go anywhere.

We know that birthdays are an important and emotional occasion for everyone. Its memories add happiness in the future life and let everyone feel that they are important. So, this time we have brought 150 plus extremely unique and lovely Thank you birthday messages for you. You can choose any of them, send it to your loved ones, and tell them that their wishes and gifts really matter a lot to you.

  1. I am just unable to find any word to thank you for such an amazing birthday gift. Love you a lot for such affection and care.
  2. Your gift has made my birthday an unforgettable day. Thanks a lot for everything you did for me!
  3. A bundle of thanks for sending such a lovely surprise gift to me. It really matters a lot!
  4. The birthday gift you have sent me is just more than wow… Thank you so much for the love!
  5. This is not a simple gift but a symbol of your love and affection for me. Thank you for the lovely present and birthday wishes. Love you a lot!
  6. I have just fallen in love with the birthday present you sent. Whenever I will see it, I will miss you! Thank you so so so much, my dear!
  7. The birthday gift you sent me is a clear sign that you know me very well. Thanks a lot for sending the book of my favorite author.
  8. Like my birthday celebrations, your gift is the most awaited thing for me. That’s because every time you send something, which is beyond my imagination. Thanks a lot for being in my life.
  9. Thank you so much for such an amazing birthday surprise. All of you have made me to feel lucky for having friends like you. Thank you once again!
  10. Your birthday gift is the best thing that I’ve received this year. Thank you for remembering my big day and sending your love through it.
  11. On this birthday, you were not with me. But the gift you sent on my day is more than the best. Love you a lot for it and thank you so much!
  12. I know there are no sorry and thank you in friendship, but your amazing and loveliest birthday gift has made me to say that “Thank you for being my best friend.”
  13. I appreciate the effort you’ve put in sending such a marvelous gift on my birthday. Thank you for all the wishes as well.
  14. Another best part of your friendship is that you always send me the best gift on my birthday. Thanks buddy!
  15. Without a birthday gift from your end, I feel like something missing on my big day. Thanks a lot for always remembering my birthday!
  16. It might feel a bit cheesy, but since the beginning of my birthday, I begin waiting for a gift from your side. That’s because, you always send something, which I really love! Thank you so much.
  17. Every year, getting a surprise birthday gift from you is the best thing of my day. Thanks a lot for this year’s gift!
  18. You are awesome and your choice too. That you always show through gifts and having a friend like me J
  19. Thank you is a small word for the birthday gift you sent to me. It is just amazing!
  20. This year, I am sending my thanks via group message to all of you because all of the gifts are mind-blowing!
  21. My special thanks to the most special person of my life for sending such a beautiful birthday present. Thank you, my sweetheart!
  22. I believe that no gift is lovelier than flowers. And, that is the reason I really love the birthday gift you sent to me. Thank you so much for them. Stay blessed!
  23. Seeing all the birthday wishes and gifts, I thank to God for sending such wonderful people in my life. Thank you, everyone!
  24. For me, one meaning of being blessed is having you in the life and other meaning is receiving extra-ordinary lovely birthday gifts from you. Thanks a lot, my love!
  25. For all the gifts I have received on my birthday, I want to say a warm thank you from the bottom of my heart.
  26. A lovely person like you always gives loveliest gifts. That’s what I wanted to say before thanking you, my dear!
  27. The gift you sent me is something I really want. Thanks a lot for knowing me!
  28. The love and care you put in this beautiful handmade gift is a blessing for me. Thank you so much, my dear!
  29. You are the best sister of the world. Because, you always come to know what I want on my birthday. Thank you for always being with me!
  30. A happiest thank you with loads of kisses for the wonderful birthday gift. You are such a darling!
  31. Dear granny! Though your phone call and prayers on my birthday were enough for me, but getting a gift from your side has burst me in thankful tears. Love you a lot and thank you so much!
  32. Thank you for being so much caring for me. This gift is like a birthday treat to me!
  33. Your presence on my birthday was gift for me. But you also brought such a nicer present for which I must be very thankful to you.
  34. This gift is as incredible as you are… Thank you so much for it!
  35. You are sitting miles away. But I have never come to know how you guess the thing, I desperately wanted. Thanks a lot for another superb birthday gift!
  36. Well, I must say that your gift actually made my day. Thanks a lot for it.
  37. Your birthday gift is as fantastic as you are. Thank you very very much for it.
  38. Every year, receiving a beautiful birthday gift from a beloved teacher makes me realize that I am truly blessed. Thank you so much, ma’am for the present and birthday wishes!
  39. My day become more fantastic as soon as I opened your gift. Thanks a lot, my school friend.
  40. Your birthday gift is always among those, which bring smile and tears on the same time. Thank you so much for your love. I really miss you!

  1. The award for best birthday gift of the year goes to yours. It rewinds my beautiful childhood and lovely days, we had spent together! Thank you so much, my bestie.
  2. I’ve really enjoyed reading all the birthday wishes, you guys have sent to me. Thank you so much for the love!
  3. All of the birthday messages, wishes, flowers, and gifts made my day. Thank you everyone!
  4. Thank you for being in my life because my birthday is incomplete without your surprise gift. Love you!
  5. The gift you sent me on this birthday will be some of those things that will remain with me till the end of my life. Thank you for your love!
  6.  Do you the only thing, which better than the birthday cake and a rocking party? It is receiving a gift from your side. Thank you so much, my dear!
  7. No other gift is better than giving your precious time to some. And today, you did that for me. Thank you so much for spending the whole day with me. I will always remember every second of it!
  8. Thank you for all the lovely wishes and gifts on my birthday.
  9. Every birthday wish and gift has reminded me of some loveliest memories about all of you. Thank you for that!
  10. All of the birthday wishes and gifts have given me bundles of happiness and joys that I will cherish till the next year. Thanks a lot!
  11. Your gift is telling me that you are a real gem. Love you, buddy! And thanks a lot!
  12. You have always valued me by remembering my big day and sending me awesome birthday gifts. Thanks for everything!
  13. The love and care you guys have shown through birthday presents cannot be defined in words.
  14. My big day becomes biggest when I receive your gift. Thanks a lot, my dear friend!
  15. Dear wife… Thank you for giving me the most beautiful gift of my life on my birthday—our baby…
  16. Thank you for all the mind blowing birthday surprises. Love you all!
  17. My birthday wouldn’t be same without the love of you guys. Thank you for all the best wishes and gifts!
  18. Thank s for letting me feel so valuable and precious on my birthday… Blessed to have you all in my life!
  19. Once again, you sent me just a wow gift. Thanks a lot!
  20. Getting a birthday present from you is one of the happiest moments of my life. Thank you so much!
  21. All of the gifts are as amazing as you guys. Thanks for all of them!
  22. All of the gifts you give me on my birthday are precious like treasure. Thank you so much!
  23. I humbly wan’na thank all of you for such kind birthday wishes and beautiful gifts.
  24. This is not only a gift but your love for me. Thanks for always being there on my big days.
  25. I literally have no words to thank you for such a wonderful birthday present. I just love it!
  26. I don’t think I can thank you guys for making my day an unforgettable blast. Still, thanks a ton with loads of love!
  27. I have opened your gift as the first one and I think it is above all. Thank you so very much for it!
  28. Thank you for the awesome birthday surprise, which made me feel so special. You guys are the best!
  29. All of the birthday wishes I’ve received are a blessing for me. Thank you so much every one…
  30. I have no words to thank you for sending me such amazing birthday wishes. But, I want to say thank you sooooo much with hugs and kisses!
  31. For me, my birthday is a thank you day. I thanked to God for blessing me with a fantastic family and amazing friends, who always fill my day with wonderful birthday surprises. Love you all from the bottom of my heart!
  32. Thanks a ton for all the beautiful wishes, I’ve been receiving since night. You guys meant a lot to me!
  33. After receiving all the birthday wishes and surprises, I still can’t believe how lucky and blessed I am. Thank you every one for showing love for me!
  34. It is all because of your wishes and gifts that I anxiously wait for my birthday. Thank you everyone!
  35. Thank you guys for adding one more unforgettable day in the journey of my life. These are moments I will always cherish even in my 80’s. Thank you once again!
  36. I am really thankful to all of my family members and friends for wishes and presents.
  37. On this birthday, you guys have introduced me with the real meanings of love and joy. Thanks a lot for being the best part of my life!
  38. My birthday is the same day of my mom’s death. But just because of wonderful people like you, I never felt that sadness. Thank you so much for everything!
  39. From a surprise birthday party to a number of gifts, everything was just more than amazing. Thanks a lot, everyone!
  40. Thanks for all the kind words and lovely wishes!

  1. Your wishes remind me that the world still have many loving people. Thanks a lot for remembering my day!
  2. You know, my birthday wouldn’t be so good without your wishes. Thanks for making my day!
  3. With such a lovely gift, you have won my heart. Thank you, my dear!
  4. Your gift is something I had been hinting for ages. Thanks a lot, my friend!
  5. I wonder how correctly you remember my favorite things. Another incredible gift from a lovely person. Thanks dear!
  6. I don’t know the superlative term for superb. Otherwise, I will be using that to define the gift. Thank you so much, my dear. Just wan’na hugs you right now!!!
  7. Having a birthday as of mine could be a dream of anyone. Thanks to all of my friends for making my day.
  8. Dear boss! Thanks a lot for the gift on behalf of the office. I really appreciate the gesture.
  9. The birthday blast was beyond my imagination. I wish I could tell you how blessed I felt that moment…Anyways, thanks more than a ton for every single thing!
  10. I wish I could do more fun on your birthday that you did for me. But for now, I want to thank you for all the lovely surprises!
  11. The feeling of being valuable for friends is the real happiness. And I felt that yesterday on my birthday. Thanks friends!
  12. Birthday celebrations of this year were extraordinary and they were all because of you, my love. Thanks for being there in my life and home!
  13. My birthday is always a fun day because you both are my parents. I love you so much!
  14. The birthday gift you sent is just lovely. It tells that you have a great taste of choice, my dear! Thank you…
  15. Special thanks for everything you did for me on my birthday…
  16. You are yourself a gift for me. Still, the gifts you give on the birthdays are loveliest. Thank you for your love!
  17. With thanks, I am sending you warmest hugs and kisses. The birthday message was so lovely and the gift was just superb…
  18. Every time I will use your gift, I will be thankful to you…
  19. My birthday party was a blast because of you. Thank you so much, my friend!
  20. The gift you have sent me was something, I have been dreaming to buy. Thanks, my grandpa!
  21. Dear sister! Since you are married, I miss you so much on my birthday. But, hats off to you for always remembering my birthday and sending a pleasant birthday surprise. It really means a lot to me.
  22. My birthday changed into a special day just because of your surprise arrival. Thanks a lot, brother…
  23. Thanks a lot for special wishes and sweet little teddy bear. It is cute addition to my room!
  24. This is the thing I was trying to buy from one year. Thank you so much.
  25. Thanks a lot for bringing so much joy and happiness on my birthday. I really enjoyed a lot!
  26. You are younger than me. But the way you organized my birthday surprise is making me proud to have a brother like you. Thanks a million!
  27. Thanks to everyone for coming to my birthday party and wishing me good thoughts!
  28. The birthday surprise you gave to me has helped me a lot in coming out of the depressive feeling of being alone. I certainly have no words to thank you for all the efforts!
  29. I know you guys are extremely busy these days. But, thank you for not forgetting my birthday!
  30. Thanks a lot for reminding me that I am still loved!
  31. All the credit of such a wonderful birthday goes to you. I always took you as true friend and you proved that!
  32. During an extremely hectic routine, you guys have refreshed me with lovely birthday wishes and sweet gifts!
  33. Thank you to a beautiful person for sending the most beautiful gift on my birthday!
  34. It is really important for me that you remembered my birthday and sent warmest wishes. Thank you so much for the act of love!
  35. With people like you in the life, it is always great to celebrate birthday. Thanks for taking out some time for me!
  36. Thanks for wishing me happiness, health, and prosperity on my birthday. I really needed that!
  37. Each year, all the wishes, prayers, and gifts remind me that I am one of the luckiest persons on the earth. Thanks a ton for everything…
  38. I never expected such a mind-blowing birthday celebrations of mine. So, I am thankful to each and every single person who took part in filling my day with laughs and joys.
  39. Since we have become friends, there is no single birthday of mine without you. And yes, the credit goes to you, my friend!
  40. My birthdays have become special after your entrance in my life. Thanks for all of your love and affection!

  1. Thanks for sharing my happiness…
  2. Thank you is a small word for the love you have given on my birthday… Still, Thanks a lotttt!
  3. This is the best birthday present I have got in my life. I know that nothing would be more precious than it. Thanks a trillion!
  4. Receiving a birthday gift from you is the biggest surprise of the day. Thanks for being so thoughtful about me…
  5. I know you are posted in a war area and I only want you to come back safely. Still, you remembered my birthday and that is something most important for me. Thank you so much, my daddy!
  6. Thank you for showing your love through such a pleasant gift. You are great!
  7. Right now, my room is full of gifts. But I’ve just opened yours because I knew that it will be a special one like every year. And yes, I was right. Thanks a lot for it!
  8. The scrapbook you have sent to me as my birthday gift has brought tears of joy in my eyes. It is so good to see all the childhood memories in such a beautiful manner. Thank you so much for it!
  9. Thanks to God for blessing me with wonderful friends, who never forget my big day!
  10. Each year, I am getting old. But the way you celebrate my birthday wipeout all the regrets of getting older.
  11. All of your wishes and prayers will remain in my heart. Thanks a billion!
  12. Dear grandma! This year you have sent me something, which is increasing jealousy in the younger ones. Thank you so much, I am really enjoying their expressions!
  13. Isn’t that the same dress I liked during our shopping but didn’t buy due to short of cash? OMG! I don’t know how to say thanks to you…
  14. Once again, I opened your gift with a childish excitement because I knew that you know me the best. Thanks a lot!
  15. After unwrapping to your gift, I must say that you are one in a billion!
  16. I love you for sending such a beautiful birthday present…
  17. Your gift is above all because it shows your love. Thank you so much!
  18. I’m so grateful for all the lovely wishes and superb gifts. They made my day!
  19. This birthday is the most special one for me because; you are with me with all your love and romance!
  20. Thank you for sending such courageous words on my birthday. They will surely help me to stand and fight again!
  21. After 3 months of terrible fighting my cancer, today you guys made me to forget all my pains and worries. Thank you so much for being so kind towards me.
  22. The quality time we spent together is the main reason of my wonderful birthday. Thanks for taking care!
  23. The way you made my day is just awesome. I wish you no sorrow will come to you. Keep smiling and stay blessed!
  24. Happiness is celebrating birthday with a friend like you….Thanks a ton!
  25. Thanks for remaking the beautiful memories. Love you all…
  26. I will cherish your gift for my whole life. It is just lovely…
  27. Your surprise gift has told me that distances do not kill the relationship and love. Thank you so much, my dear!
  28. Your gift is valuable for me and so are the wishes. Thank you!
  29. I can never give your gift to anyone for even diamonds. Thank you so much for sending it to me.
  30. You guys have really made me feel like a birthday princess. Thanks for all the things!
  31. Thank you for telling me that you guys are with me.
  32. All of your wishes and prayers are enough for me to remain courageous for the rest of my life. Thanks a lot!

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