Love Letters For Her – Sweetest Love Letters for Your Girlfriend

You do not have to wait for a special Valentine’s day to express your love for your girlfriend. You can do this all year round by popping up love letters on random occasions for them. Ladies love to be appreciated by men. They love it when they are given importance. This importance can be in any form like appreciation, gifts, love letters, random text messages, surprise dinner dates, movie dates or just calling up in the middle of the night to let them know you love them. The more you appreciate and care for them, the more they will love you in return. Back in the olden days, when there were no telephones, people communicated by writing letters. In those times, love letters were very special as it made distances seem small. With modernisation and with the development of innovative communication methods, letter writing has faded away. You can talk for hours at a stretch, pop a random video call or send smileys via messages to express yourself. However, even in the current times when love letters are not so common, they still carry the power to charm your lady. Pulling out a new and crisp piece of sheet and taking the time to write your thoughts with your own hands shows the amount of effort you put in to make her feel special. Effort is always appreciated. It is a representation of how deep your love is for the other person.

Here are a few tips you can use for writing a memorable and expressive love letter:


  1. Be honest- Your honest and deep thoughts and feelings are the most romantic ones. You do not have to be a fancy poet or writer to put your feelings across. The words which come from your heart are the truest ones. Write down what you feel for her. This is going to impress her the most. Seek the help from some of the examples we have mentioned below and create a masterpiece of your own.
  2. Keep it clean and simple- For an effective love letter, avoid cutting and scratching. Keep it neat. You may even form a rough draft beforehand if you feel like you tend to make mistakes in your writing. Give your best handwriting and attention to writing it. Your handwriting should be legible and easy to read. You can try calligraphy if you want but make sure you practice it enough before writing it down.
  3. Spice it up- although a plain white paper is good enough, you can also use a special and scented papers to give it a personal touch. Get creative and use colourful pens. Play around and see how you can make it interesting. If you are an artistic personality, adding a few lines of your self-created poetry would mean the world to her. Show that all this is exclusively for her and she will come running to you. Example- you can use your girlfriend’s favourite colour for writing the letter. Decorate it with some hearts and stars.
  4. Avoid melodrama- Although true words are always appreciated, do not make the love letter too melodramatic. The idea is to make her smile and remember this gesture forever. Too heavy or emotional words can put across the wrong idea. It can drive her away instead of getting her closer to you. Keep it simple yet effective. Cheerful letters are the best. They have a positive vibe overall.
  5. Keep it short- Write down your feeling in a maximum of two to three pages. Avoid using more pages as it will give an impression that you are just blabbering on and on. Also, give adequate spacing between the lines. Do not overcrowd the letter just to get the maximum out of a small space. Remember, she is going to cherish this throughout her The first look of the paper, even before she starts reading what you have written is going to set the base for what is coming next.
  6. Packaging matters- You cannot just write your thoughts, fold the paper and hand it over to her. Find a nice way to make the letter reach her. Fold the paper neatly, put it in an envelope and then seal it. It makes ladies feel extra special. It gives a feeling of anticipation as to what surprise is hidden for them in that sealed letter. You can even hide the envelope in a bouquet of flowers and let her accidentally discover it. It would be a pleasant surprise for her. Surprises are always appreciated by women. Surprises show that you have taken the pain to make her feel special. It shows that she matters a lot to you.
  7. Appreciate her- This is the most important Highlight her good points. Let her know what the various qualities and features in are her which you love. Mention some of the good times you spent with her and your thoughts on it. You can pop some prospects here and there. Girls love a secure and happy future. Avoid making any false promises. It will ruin everything. Also, do not go overboard. You can keep it light and fun like letting her know that you have a surprise date planned or a gift that she wants. Drop hints and let her anticipate.
  8. Keep it modest- You are expressing your love through your words. Avoid making things too obvious or too offensive. Modesty is appreciated. Avoid using any suggestive words in your writing. The beauty of a good love letter lies in the correct words used correctly.
  9. Sign off on a good note- To finish off your letter, you can use quotations from famous poets. A good piece of poetry makes the love letter even more romantic. Put your signature on the end. You can even use expressions like ‘your love’, ‘yours truly’, ‘forever yours’ etc. before ending the letter.
  10. Ask for a response from her- Before closing your letter, write a few words asking about her feelings and that you would love to hear about how she felt about this gesture, how does she feel about your emotions and feelings towards her. Get a little more romantic and ask her to write a love letter for you too. Let her know that you would appreciate having such a gesture from her side as well. If you are using this letter to ask for her forgiveness, ask her to give you some sign that she is ready for a fresh start.

Love Letters for Her


After the detailed description of how to write a romantic love letter to your girl, here are some of the samples which give a rough idea of how to go about it.

“From the moment I saw, there hasn’t been a single day when thoughts of spending my future with you haven’t crossed my mind. You are the girl of my dreams, and today I just want to let you know how lucky I am to have you in my life. I want to share all my future happiness with you…”

“Do you want to know how powerful your love is. Look at me today and look at the person I was before I met you. You have brought out the best in me. You have changed me for good. I give my best at everything. I am calmer, happier and more energetic. I feel positive throughout the day. It is all because of the tender care that you have offered to me. I am truly blessed to have you by my side.”

“Today, I want to make a special promise to you. I will love you and cherish you all my life. You are and always will be my priority. Your happiness is of the utmost importance to me…”

“There is just one word that is closest to my heart. There is just one word that is enough to light up my day. There is just one word to bring a smile on my face. There is just one word that gives me the courage and energy to fight the impossible hurdles. That word is your name…”

“You are the definition of true love. The ship of my life was tossing and turning in the sea of troubles. You came as my anchor. You gave me the much-needed support. You gave me everything…”

“You are the epitome of selfless love. Despite me being mean to you on several occasions, you have never failed to support me. I have realised this today that you have loved me always from the core of your heart. I hold your hand and promise you that I will give you the life you have always dreamt of. I will be the partner you always wanted and be by your side until the end of time…”

“You my love, are the sweetest person on this earth. You are walking sunshine. You light up my life every day. At times, I feel that life is tough. Uncertainties surround me, and everything seems gloomy. But when I see you, talk to you and spend time with you, everything seems to fall back into its right place. Thank you for all of this. Thank you for being my star. I promise I will always keep you smiling like this. I promise I will make myself worthy of your eternal love. Thank you so much, my dear queen…”

“I know, in the past few days, we haven’t been at our best, Times have tested us, and we have seen some tough days which looked like almost impossible to survive. But here we are today, winners in this game, standing by each other yet again like strong pillars meant to support each other. Thank you for being there for me. Thank you for bearing the storm. Thank you for staying positive that we will make it through. You are stronger than you think. Your courage has made me stand up and face all the troubles. Thank you, my love, for everything. Every cloud has a silver lining. You are the silver lining of my life…”

Romantic Love Letters for Girlfriend


“My dear love,

It took an eternity to find someone like you, but today, when I see you, I realize that you are worth every wait. You are worth everything in my life. Thank you for coming into my life and lighting it up. You are a blessing. You are the love of my life, and I hope I can prove to be worthy of you in every aspect. I promise to keep you happy and maintain that beautiful smile of yours forever…

Yours truly”

“My sweet love,

Just like I need to breathe the air to survive on this planet, the same way I need you and your love by my side, throughout my life to live. You complete me and give meaning and direction to my life. I want you by my side to cherish you as the queen of my heart forever and ever. You are my lucky charm and my greatest source of inspiration. I can never thank you enough. Promise me today, that you will keep showering your love and care for me, in both good and bad times…

Deeply in love with you.”

“My dearest love,

You are the most beautiful woman on this earth. You are a goddess to me. Whatever you touch and wherever you go, you fill everything up with your charm. There is not a single person who met you and hasn’t been awestruck by your grace and beauty. This wonderful woman today is the love of my life. I am the luckiest person in this world. I will always care for you and keep you happy and glowing just like you do today.

Your love”

“My dearest Queen

Your love is the greatest gift I have received in my life. It is the best thing that has happened to me so far. With you, by my side, I feel like I am the luckiest person on this planet. Your love has given me everything. Your care and attention make me feel so special. Today, give this man a chance to express his love for you. My Lady, you are the greatest. I will be the Prince Charming every girl dreams of. I will treat you like my Princess and keep you in my tender care forever.

Yours truly and Yours forever

Your Prince Charming”

Sweet Love Notes for Girlfriend


“This is just a small reminder that I love you and I am looking forward to having just a slight glance of you so that my day becomes wonderful like all other days since you have been with me.”

“Here is a quick question- how do you do it? How do you manage to always light up my day with your smile?”

“The next time you feel hungry, just give me call. I will be right there to take out on a romantic date, wherever you say.”

“I want to offer a bouquet having a million flowers in it because only a million flowers when put together can match your charm.”

“Today, my life is happy and bright. Do you know why? That is because I have a gem like you by my side.”

“I aspire to be a prisoner. I aspire to be the prisoner of your love. The only difference is that I would give up anything to be in it.”

“I make fun of distances every day because no distance is big enough to lessen our love for each other. Just the way the earth and the moon are far apart but still love each other, our love will never be a slave of distance.”

Best I Love You Letter for Wife

My dear wife,

You have brought nothing but good vibes and good luck for me in our relationship. I am so glad to have you as my life partner. You have loved me and cared for me like a child. Many times, I have been rough with you, but you have always smiled at me without any complaints. I will love you every day until the daytime allows me to. You are my soul mate. No words can define my love for you. No boundaries can contain my love. You are my everything. You are all that I have asked for in my life. You are perfect. Today, I want to thank you for being my better half. Thank you for being there by my side in tough times. You encouraged me and supported me. Give me a chance to express my love for you. I promise I will never fail you as a husband. I want to hold your hand and walk happily through this life from now on and want to be with you always. I want to create happy memories for you.

With love from the deepest point of my heart

Your husband

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