60+ Long Text Messages to Send to your Girlfriend

Communication is the main key that is used between people. The types of the communication depend upon the communication channel that is adopted by different people while living in different areas of the world. Text messages are the best channel that is used between friends, husband/ wives and other family members. Adults, teenagers and children love to use text messaging as it becomes one of the most popular ways of communication. The text messages are mainly used for friendship texts that you are trying to send to your girlfriend to express your love and best wishes for her.  The text messages are the best communication channel to avoid oral communication as it seems to be more fast and convenient.

Boyfriends and girlfriends text each other to tell more about themselves! Girls or women’s are found more loyal than male as they usually want to build a stable and close relationship. Girls are more interested in emotional and personal relationship.

If you are searching cute lovely and long text messages that you want to send to your girlfriend then you are on the right way as you have landed on the best website. You feel lovely when someone texts you some nice things, the same happens when you text your girlfriend. She feels happy too when you send her cute messages. Some long sentences could make her feel nice and loved. The words of love that you text to her, tells her that she has an important part in your life. In our text phrases we like to discuss those amazing things which girls should love, as they love to listen to your true emotions about her. Try not to discuss those things with your girlfriend that you don’t feels in her this will only hurt her. The emotions of girls are stronger than to boys that are why the girls can easily know that the boy is flirting or buttering her or have serious emotions.

Our page will explain to you the best and easiest ways of texting to your girlfriends. You just need to use the words or phrases at the time when they are needed. Irrelevant texts that are not related to current conversations have been negative effect on the emotions of girls. We provide a list of messages that you can send to your girlfriend. We are trying to spread love with text messages. The text messages are used to communicate between boys and girls to express their love, emotions and feelings with each other.

The website describes the way that when and why these loving phrases and messages for communicating love and emotions are being sent to your partner and girlfriends. Normally some girls like to receive messages in evening or before going to sleep but some girls like to receive love and care messages in morning. This depends upon the choice of your partner you have to judge and examine her feelings in different parts of day and night. This will remove the hesitations and increase love with communication.

Long Text Messages to Send to Your Girlfriend in Morning

Long Text Messages to Send to Your Girlfriend in Morning

You can send text messages to your girlfriend in whom you are able to express your feelings and emotions of love. So you have chosen the best site for this purpose. The girl surely likes those words and phrases which we have provide you in a list and definitely feel very happy. In this page we have a list of best good morning messages that you can send to your girlfriend. The good morning text that you sent to your girlfriend can make a difference to start her day with a fresh and lovely mood. Just enjoy after sending these messages to your girlfriend.

In our page we have a list of lovely and sweet good morning messages that you can send to your girlfriend to express your emotions. Just copy the message and paste in and send it to enjoy beautiful response from your girlfriend. This will bring a good difference to start her day.

The morning texts are the best text messages which we want to share with our friends especially willing to send to your girlfriend. So select one of the best messages and send it to your girlfriend.

Here are some of them:

  1. I want to wake up in the morning with hugging to your arms every day
  2. The smiley facial expression in the morning tells that how it is beautiful to think about you in the morning.
  3. Good morning. Every morning will remind me the right things that I have found in my life. The best thing is you.
  4. You look so beautiful when you wake up in the first light of sun is up in the morning.
  5. When I message you in the morning light it means that not only I waked up but also reminds that I think about you. So, Good Morning and have a nice day ahead.
  6. You are my life as the day starts with dawn which spreads a beautiful smile on my face as I remember you in the morning too. You are the one who makes my day a pleasant one every day.
  7. I think a lot about you when I wake up in the morning. Morning is the special gift and a new chance to do better than before. Have a good day!
  8. Every day when I get up I think as my soul was somewhere else, definitely I think about you. I could not be happier than before. I hope that you have good dreams in the night and enjoy the day with a new hope “I love U”.
  9. It’s time to wake up as Sunrise starts the new day. The sunshine is as bright and beautiful as You are. Stay happy and I believe you could. Good Morning!
  10. Good morning to my love as you are the most important and beautiful thing in my life. The warm sunrise welcomed our friendship.
  11. I really want to know the answer about how did you sleep the whole night? Because you and everything belongs to you is important for me. So, I wish a outstanding day!
  12. My love it feels awesome to go to bed and wake up together. Thanks to God for this blessing. It is like a dream of me that comes true. Love U.
  13. I cannot thinks to have a morning without you as people think that there is no life on earth without dawn and sun shine. Good morning to you….
  14. I finally found some sentences for you in present, past and future tenses: My sweetheart I love u, I loved you in my past and I will love you in the future. Good morning dear one.

We surely hoped that you enjoy our list of Good morning messages that you can send to your girlfriend and wife, that will surely make her day so much lovely after seeing your expressions of love and emotions about her in your messages.

Long Goodnight Text Messages to Send to Your Her

Long Goodnight Text Messages to Send to Your Her

Here is a list of sweetest Good Night messages that you can send to your girlfriend. These lovely texts are seems to be so romantic messages and surely brings a smile on your girlfriend face. You can feel someone to think about you by sending them Good night messages. Your importance will express your feelings to be on your girlfriends mind before she go to bed.

It is the best and romantic way to remind her that you think about her before going to bed too. As sending texts every day is not necessary but still is a necessary thing for your beloved one. Sending texts in the night will escalate the feelings of strengthen a relationship that will make her to love you more than before. You are on the right page in this regard just select a message from the list provided below and send it to your girlfriend and let her know that how special and important she was in your life.

  1. Without you my life is so boring I thought about you always while on the bed in the morning and in the night too.
  2. Good Night my lovely friend. I am counting the hours until here comes the dawn and light of sun shine, as the new day starts I hope to see you again. Good night dear.
  3. I love you my sweet girlfriend and want to be in your arms fore ever Good Night my love.
  4. I forgot every person in my life after I go to bed in the night but your thoughts I could not stops as it comes in the dreams of mine too.
  5. The one and only star in my life is you, even if the sky is full of thousands of stars but you are the brightest one in my life. I love you and Good night.
  6. My dear love you are the one I think before I fall asleep.
  7. You look so beautiful when you wake up after every night. I want you to have in my life forever.
  8. I miss you my dear girlfriend as it is so lonely in the night without you.
  9. It is impossible to stop thinking about you especially in the night as my mind thinks about you 24/7. It made more difficult to fall asleep day after day. I miss You.
  10. I want to meet you right now, as I know that how far you are because my feelings are becoming stronger after we met and it does not matter for me that how far you are.
  11. The days does not come when I fall asleep before I texted you my sweetie. Good night friend.
  12. You are the one and only thing that will comes to my mind before I fall asleep as I cannot control my feelings for you, which expresses my emotions that how much I love you. Good Night.
  13. I make you feel gratitude for the beautiful moments and emotions that I spent with you. Every night before asleep I think about you. Tomorrow will be more pleasant day for you and especially for me as we meet again.
  14. I love you so much my sweetheart. Every night I tried to send you a Good night text that you can see in the morning, which reminds you about my feelings of love for you. Good night and have sweet dreams.
  15. Good night! I just want to let you know that how much I love you as I feel so special just because you are the part of my life stay happy.
  16. I wish that I could be with you every night guarding your dreams tonight, tomorrow and forever. You are the star that I see every day in my dream. Stay blessed Good Night.
  17. Saying good night to you is the worst thing as it brings a night in between you and I and I have to wait for morning dawn to meet you.
  18. Millions of people are sleeping in the night but one of million person is reading my text and love feelings Good night!

We hope for the best list of good night text messages for your girlfriend to wish her good dreams. Just send these nice and short messages to your girlfriends and wish her a beautiful night.

Long Paragraphs to Send to Your Girlfriend

Long Paragraphs to Send to Your Girlfriend

We tried to provide you some cute paragraphs that you can send to your girlfriend that can express your feelings and the time you both have spent together. This page consists of a list of 5 long paragraphs that you can send to your wife or girlfriend. You can have ideas for romantic notes and long paragraphs elucidating you experience of expression.

Just select the best one of your choice and send it randomly for lovely answers.

Send A Paragraph About The Time You Met First

The idea for this paragraph is starts with the first day you met with her, send a detailed text about what kind of clothes she was wearing at that time and also explain that what was your feelings and emotion are.

  1. My dear one I remember the day that was Monday, when we met. Some words that are so simple at that time turn our relationship full of emotions.
  2. We go on a walk in the evening where all I want to do is to spent time close to you. You used to wear you college shirt and red pants. I also remember the hairs that you tied up with no makeup on the face. I feel that day as it was yesterday. Now after years we still are together.
  3. Remember! When we start talking to each other, our friends usually began to leave us alone and after some time “You” and “me” are the only one in the house but when you gone I remember for the whole night I start thinking about you.

Tell Her How You Feel When You First Kiss Her

Its looks like a spark that come and run across my body when you first kiss me on my cheeks. I remember all the things that happen on the first kiss and I thought you don’t remember that. I want you to remember the first kiss that you have gave to me. I also want to hear the whole unique spin that you have remember about the story. Try to send her a paragraph with detailed subject.

  1. You can also use some excitement or humor words in your own opinion and try to share those incidents of your first kiss that you think that your girlfriend does not know.
  2. I want to see you my girlfriend again and again in those clothes with red and white combination, standing in front of me and kissing me on my forehead. Sometimes we got lost in our romantic conversation when no one exists in close to us and we, you and me are the only ones alone in the house. All that again runs up in my mind about your eyes, face and lips and I am trying not to say something that you don’t like.
  3. I remember the words you said to me that I don’t want to kiss a smoker and always my reply was you have to tried it out that I am smoker or lover of you. Do you remember these things? I do……
  4. So I remember that this small emotional and romantic game ended up with the kiss and I glad to remember that. I remember that you kissed me and I want to do that again and again.

Try To Write About The First Tour You Both Have Made Together

  1. Share your feelings and emotions that you remember regarding the excitement of our first trip. If you remember you first trip your girlfriend love to hear that nervous and excited feelings about her. Try to explain all the detail you remember.
  2. You remember the first dating trip that we both have enjoyed. When I bought tickets to see baseball match as I was so excited for that trip! The excitement relates within you and not for the baseball as I want to remember the journey we have made together.
  3. When we both are hesitating to talk with each other as it was our first trip but I am telling you the truth that I was so excited to travel with my girlfriend for the first time. I am out of my nerves. I want you to remember that journey. I don’t care about which team plays the baseball or which team players are strong. The thing I remember is the relationship of you and me that was becoming stronger as days passed. Do you remember?

Share A Moment With Your Girlfriend In Time You Have Experienced Together

  1. Whether she remembers? An emotional event and a time you spent with her. These are not necessary but had an impact in her life which she likes.
  2. Remember that day when we went to one of our friend in February evening to pick up my first pet, an eight weeks old dog and did not have any name yet. We have to decide that what to name our pet. He looks so cute as he sat on your legs. You were so excited to have him with us because we are responsible to keep him healthy.
  3. You were too soft to her as we have a crate to carry him but we prefer to do it in our hands. That was a day I remember in my life because of you and I hope you too remember that moment. I loved you so much and you are the part of my life.

Talk With Your Girlfriend About The Future

  1. I loved to share the plans I am thinking in my mind about our future and I want you to know that what I think. As I am looking in the future on that day when we travel the world! It is impossible to visualize an adventure without you by my side.
  2. I cannot wait for the moments that we have to spend together in future. The craziest moments I love you.

Sweet Long Text Messages to Send To Your Love

Sweet Long Text Messages to Send To Your Love

You have chosen the best page to send messages to your love ones from a list of outstanding romantic and love texts. Finally I can say that Good decision for chosen this website. A lot of peoples between us believe in sending texts to their love ones.

Its looks like some tiny things but these tiny things have some great value to someone. Who lives in your heart? Just like that a text does not mean that you have free time but it shows that how important the man was for you. A text message is a simple and easiest way to share your feelings and emotions with your love without any hesitations. You probably may not have time to fix a date with your love but definitely you can spare time to send them a text message.

  1. When I thought about my success. I only noticed that it is your love, help and prayers. Me and my everything is belonging of your today and forever.
  2. Whenever I see you, my heartbeat gone to be too fast. You are the reason for that because I cannot live without you and you are working as oxygen for me are the only person in my life I love u.
  3. I cannot imagine my life without you. I cannot understand the meaning of love and emotions in life until you came into my life.
  4. My life changed when I fell in love with you my sweetheart, I am so uncaring with myself until you came into my life. I want you to live with me today and forever like you are living before with love.
  5. I love you from my heart because you are not the only one I love but you are like my heart….
  6. When I first meet you and out love dates start my journey of life starts rising high and high like a sky. Stay with me forever my life partner.
  7. You know I am far from you but the distance does not matter as I feel every kiss of you on my face and emotions as you are with me.
  8. My sweetheart you changed me completely. You know what I am? But the change you made in me I cannot forget. As you give me love and emotions, in return I give you more than of my life.
  9. My love I cannot love you for the rest of your life because I assure you that I can love you for more than it, for the rest of my own life.
  10. I love you sweetheart for what you are and for what you are in the next days. I love you and will love you more.
  11. You can’t imagine the feelings and emotions when I think about you, when I think about the time we spent together, but with you I feel comfort and I cannot tell you that how happy I am with you.
  12. I always prayed to God that may my dreams come true and it starts when I first met you and marry with you. My life has entirely changed after you become a part of it. You are the dream that comes true.

So now you have the best collection of love messages that you can send to your love ones. Just copy the text and send it to the ones you care about.

Cute Long Texts to Send To Your Girl

Life is like an experiment, you gain different experiences in life. I thought that the people are the luckiest one who finds their love pairs and for those it is the true life to be live.  Love is one of the most powerful expressions that elaborate the emotions and feelings.  The life becomes too short and the journey of love seems to be around both love persons.

You need to select the words that express the true feelings of your love. Some romantic words are needed to express a love feeling. When your love ones are far from you then, text messages work like a communication channel.

  1. If you live in this world for a 100 years then, I want to live the years less than 100, because I cannot imagine to live without you.
  2. When we meet at first I thought you are the one who can change my life with her emotions and love. You did so and I love you so much for this change.
  3. In my life you are like the light of the sun that rises in the morning. The wind that blew in the rain and made the weather more pleasant. The love between us never ends.
  4. “Thank You” is a small word but I want to thank you for all the things you have done for me to change my life into heaven. I am glad to have you in my life as my love, as my partner and as my whole life. You are my soul.
  5. When I wake up in the morning with a smiley face. It means that you are in my dreams. You are the one and perfect love mate in every way.
  6. It is not a lie to say that whatever I am is because of you. Your love made me what I am? So, it is my happiest time that we spent together and I am nothing without you.
  7. I am in love with you since I have seen you for the first time and I am not denying the fact that all the pleasures of my life is just because of you. I am in love with you because of the restless efforts you have made to make me proud on myself that you are the right choice. I am in love just because you make my home so special that I cannot imagine. I am in love just because of your simplicity.
  8. I am living a life like a common man with common thoughts but suddenly, you came into my life and it becomes so special for me. You loved me with soul and heart and now I don’t need anything. Your love is been enough for me……
  9. The best time of my life is that when I am with you. When I am with you I felt that I am the happiest person on the earth. The time flies but the time spent with you cannot be forgotten because it was the best time I had in my life.

The text messaging is the best way to express your feelings of love and emotions, because you can send messages without hesitation especially to you love ones, to whom you love so much. Short messages, Text messages and emails are becoming one of the main communication channels, especially between love ones and friends. So with the help of some lovely texts list you can convey your feelings of love, care, affection, and some special moments. You can spare time even when you are so busy to tell your loved ones that you are thinking about them that will surely spread pleasure and happiness on their face.

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