Break ice messages when you have an online date

Breaking ice is difficult whether talking about real life or online, but at the same time, its importance cannot be denied. One thing is for sure that the things are relatively easy online as compared with a face to face situation, as consequences can be more challenging in the latter case. From this perspective online dating sites, apps and social media sites have made things a lot easier but still breaking the ice is something which is always a topic of the debate.

Some online dating and relationship experts believe that one needs to consider a lot of things before sending a message to a prospective partner. Things can slip out of hands if your response is too quick or too delayed, so timing is as important as the content of the text. A top Thai dating site claims that considering the facts such as likes, dislikes, age, gender and origin matter a lot in this case.

It is essential to consider the scenario you are in as things tend to change with time and situation. If someone sends you an instant message or an email, you need to respond to, depending on the type of message you usually have less time to do some homework in an instant message as compared to an email. Whether you are a male or female looking for a prospective dating partner you need to do your homework well before initiating or responding a message.

Depending on your homework regarding the prospective partner such as profile details, interests, likes and dislikes, you can choose one of the following or something like these icebreaking questions.

  • Tell me one random fact about yourself.
  • What’s the fondest memory you have?
  • Where did you grow up?
  • Do you have any pets?
  • Would you describe yourself as a romantic person?
  • What’s one great book you’ve recently read?
  • What’s your favorite movie?
  • What’s your idea of the perfect day?
  • What’s one thing I should know about you that’s not on your profile?
  • What’s something you could talk about for hours?

Going through the expert opinions, we have compiled a list of things which need to be considered while looking for some useful methods for building online relationships.

Do your homework

This is probably the most important thing to consider in online dating. Try to know your prospective dating partner as much as you can. A better way is to go through the profile and look for the personal likes and dislikes as well as other interests. Some common interests are going to help you proceed further.

Consider age and gender

Considering the age and gender of the person is going to help you in crafting a sweet initial message or response. As people with different age group and gender tend to have different interests and priorities and getting to know them is undoubtedly helpful in breaking the ice.

Origin and locality

People from different parts of the world tend to respond differently to a specific discussion or topic. Different cities may be famous for some reasons and their resident’s interests are also affected by the same reason. For example, a daily basis people of Paris will have more inclination to perfumes and fashion whereas persons from Los Angeles are more likely to take an interest in celebrities and entertainment related stuff. So, considering these preferences are going to be helpful for you in composing an appealing message in an online conversation.

Timing is important

You should be considering the importance of a timed response if you have received a message from someone. Delaying a response unnecessarily long is going to cost you a prospective relationship. While researchers say that males are less patient than females, as a matter of fact, delay itself minimizes your chances of success mainly if you are using a medium of instant chat. A delay whether of a few minutes or hours leaves a wrong impression, and it is more likely that the person on the other side loses interest in having a conversation with you.

Be realistic and avoid exaggeration

While you need to be creative in drafting a beautiful message, but it also means that you stay within realism and avoid any words or phrases which show you are exaggerating things unnecessarily just to make the things going. Some people don’t like this, especially in the very beginning when there is a little or no acquaintance there.

Be different and standout

Your message shouldn’t be like everyone else, there are plenty of messages a person receives on daily basis and most of them are of the same kind. You should keep your message stand out in a heap of messages and for this, you need to be creative and gather relevant information which may be of interest and appealing to the other person.

Avoid grammar mistakes

Avoid common spelling and grammar mistakes while composing your message. These mistakes are usually a huge turnoff for most of the people, and some may also term it as a sign of a nonserious behavior.

Don’t be shy or nervous

While trying to be as nice as you can but remember not to be shy or timid in your communication with your prospective dating partner. Being too shy will most likely make a bad impression on the other person, and he or she might take this as a sign of disinterest from you which may not be good for you ultimately.

These some of the most useful hacks we have picked to make you successful in getting your desired dating partner while making sure you ride the waves smoothly and charmingly.

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