60+ Happy Birthday Wishes for Grand Daughters

Till the time my grandmother was alive, she was always the first one to wish my birthday with loads of prayers and wonderful gifts. As long as she lived, I never faced any problem in life because she was my best advisor and secret keeper. In our world, there are many strong and sweet relationships. But the lovely and caring bond between the grandparents and granddaughter cannot be defined in words.

So, today we have brought something different for our readers. We have come up with some of the unique and amazing birthday wishes for the granddaughters on behalf of their loving grandparents. And yes, some of them are so emotional that you will go into tears because the love and happiness of grandparents on our birthdays are purest among all.

Heart Touching Birthday wishes for Grand Daughter

Heart Touching Birthday wishes for Grand Daughters

  1. Dear Granddaughter, on this birthday of yours, I want to share a secret with you. “You are the only one I love more than my daughter! Happy birthday, my girl!
  2. The greatest honor I received in my life was holding you in my arms for the first time. Happy Birthday, my granddaughter!
  3. After my wedding day, your birthday is the happiest day of my life. Wish you a very happy birthday, my little princess.
  4. Every time I hug you, I feel like in the sky. Very happy birthday to my dearest granddaughter with loads of love and kisses!
  5. I still remember the day, you were born as the biggest blessing of our lives. We love you forever and we wish you the happiest birthday, our dear granddaughter.
  6. You are the only one who heals our heart. You are the only one whose love satisfies our souls. You are one of the best things that had ever happened to me and your grandpa! Wish you a very happy birth day, our little baby…
  7. After having you, I believe that God is happy with me because, he has blessed me with such a lovely granddaughter. Happy birthday, my world!
  8. The world received a nicest gift the day you were born. I wish you a healthy and prosperous life. Happy birthday, my granddaughter!

Best Birthday Quotes for granddaughter

  1. Happy birthday to the sunshine of our lives. Love you, our granddaughter!
  2. A friend of mind asked me about the meaning of life. I told her “granddaughter.” I wish you a very happy birthday with loads of hugs and kisses.
  3. I wish a very happy birthday to the most adorable granddaughter in the world. I wish you a joyous childhood, a successful youth, and the happiest life forever!
  4. In your face, I received an angel in my life. Happy birthday, my granddaughter!
  5. I am always thankful to God for sending a fairy in my life. Happy birthday, my beautiful princess!

Birthday Messages for Granddaughter

  1. Dearest granddaughter! On this birthday of yours, I just wanted to tell you that I will always be your crime partner. Have a blast today!
  2. My naughty granddaughter, Its all your day, so, enjoy every moment of it. And don’t worry! I will handle your mom and dad 
  3. On this birthday, I wish that all of your wishes come true, Love you, my cute granddaughter!
  4. Thank you for bringing so much laughter in my life. No matter how much you will grow up, but you will always be by sweet little fairy. Happy birthday!
  5. My lovely granddaughter, your purest smile is my real wealth. Happy birthday, my cutie!
  6. Dear granddaughter! Do you know why this world beautifully shines every day? Just because of your presence! I wish you a very happy birthday.
  7. Dearest granddaughter, I wish that you will get success at every step of your life. Happy birthday with loads of love!

Lovely Birthday Wishes for Granddaughter

  1. Every time I see you, I believe more in heaven on the Earth. Happy birthday, my adorable granddaughter!
  2. Nothing in the world is shiner than your smile. Nothing on the earth is purest than your smile and no one is lovelier than you. Happy birthday, sweetie!
  3. This birthday, I am sending you a cake made by me with bundles of love for you. Enjoy it and do let me know!
  4. Dear granddaughter, every year you will grow up but do remember that you will always be my little one. Love you more than everything!
  5. In this world, only you are the person who is more than a blessing to me. Happy birthday, my little girl!
  6. On this birthday, I am just remembering the moments we have spent together. And I wish I could see and hug you today. Happy birthday, my granddaughter… Sending my love!

Christian Birthday Messages for Granddaughter

  1. Not only your parents are the luckiest to have you as daughter, but I am fortunate too for being blessed with you as my granddaughter. Happy birthday to my sweet girl!
  2. Your mom added colors to my life but your birth has brightened them. I wish you a very happy birthday with love and prayers!
  3. I know you are little one but your grandma has a big and tasty cake for you. Enjoy your birthday and be blessed always!
  4. Happy birthday, my Barbie doll. Your smile is my life!
  5. Christmas fun has gone double since you have born on the same day!
  6. Whenever I see you, all of my ill go away. You are like Jesus to me, my granddaughter. Happy birthday!

A bit Funny Birthday Messages for granddaughter

  1. Like the word grand, my love is endless for you. Happy birthday, my sweet little girl…
  2. The journey from being a mom to becoming a grandmother was greatest for me. I am so lucky to have you with me. Happy birthday, my little doll!
  3. Since your birth, I have not even made a single pray for your grandpa (don’t remember him in front of you). I wish you a joyous life with happiness and success all around. Love you!
  4. Happy birthday to the cutest granddaughter on the earth. The only reason for my happiness is you!
  5. With you, God has blessed me with one of the precious gifts. Happy birthday, my grandchild!

Emotional Birthday Messages for granddaughters

  1. Sometimes, I think of a life without you but I fear, I would have not lived. You are the reason of my living. Happy birthday, my granddaughter!
  2. To see things, I need to wear glasses. But to see you, I just have to close my eyes. Happy birthday, my bubblie!
  3. Dear girl, for me and your grandpa, you are the most special gift we have ever received. Love from both of us with a surprise birthday gift!
  4. The warmest wishes for a girl who has brought uncountable happiness to our lives. Love you, my little grandchild

Unique Birthday Quotes and Wishes

  1. On this birthday of yours, I pray that no grief and sorrow will ever touch you in the life. Happy birthday to my beautiful fairy!
  2. Whenever I see you, I feel energetic and fresh. You are my life, my sweetie. Happy Birthday!
  3. Sending you the purest love and best wishes on your birthday. Enjoy your day today, my girl!
  4. On every birthday, I remember the feeling that I felt while holding you for the first time. You are my little baby and you’ll always be!
  5. With warmest birthday wishes, I pray that you will get everything you want in the life. Love you, my darling grandchild!

Interesting Birthday Messages to show love for the granddaughter

  1. Thanks for always being around me, sweetheart. Happy birthday to you!
  2. Happy birthday to the world’s beautiful mermaid.
  3. Every moment I spend with you is a precious asset for me. Happy birthday to world’s most beautiful girl.
  4. Happy birthday to the girl who is more than a gem to us. Love you!
  5. Every time I see you, I believe that God has sent his miracle to us in your beautiful face. Happy birthday, my granddaughter!

Birthday Quotes to wish 16th and 18th birthday

  1. Happy birthday, to my diamond girl who has turned 16!
  2. May God always bless you with all the fun and joys… And yes, we will be always there for you. Happy birthday, our little pumpkin!
  3. When I married your grandpa, I felt lucky. When I got your mom in my hand, I felt luckier. But when I saw little you, I felt as the luckiest person of the universe. Happy birthday, my grand girl.
  4. I wish you a very beautiful birthday, just like you. Love from granny!
  5. A very special happy birthday to world’s most special granddaughter who has just turned 18!
  6. Happy 18th birthday to my crime partner!
  7. Since 18 years, one of the most important reasons for thanking and praising God is that He sent you to us! Happy birthday with loads of love, hugs, and kisses!
  8. 18 years with you were just like a sweet and beautiful dream. Happy birthday, dear granddaughter!
  9. Dear granddaughter! On this birthday, I just wanted to tell you that I love you the moon and back…And I will love you, always
  10. Dear granddaughter, till I am alive all of my prayers are a shield between you and the evil eyes. Happy birthday, my cutie pie!

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